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(MICE) Meeting and Relaxation Break at TanDa Spa Resort
Duration: 2 days 1 night
From: Hanoi' centre
To: Tan Da Spa Resort, Vietnam National village for Ethnic culture and tourism
Price: From 3.696.000vnđ/pax (about $176)

Do you want to have a professional meeting and comfotable breaking time? Let enjoy this tour. Nearly Hanoi, TanDa Spa Resort is a good choice for you. Besides, you have a chance to visit Vietnam National village for Ethnic culture and Tourism.

Tan Da Spa Resort was designed in opening space, peaceful and tranquil-a new envision for the mélange of nature and human beings,  a deep feeling of living amidst a blue and cloudy sky of the marvelous Tan Vien mountain-Da river of the legendary story of the God of Mountain and the God of River. The interior decorations were simply built with a combination of bamboos and wood…to give the visitors the feeling of escaping from daily pressure of work and of enjoying hours of living in a peaceful atmosphere.  However, the rooms are also equipped with modern gadgets such as cable television, fridges, air-conditioners, mini bar, Wi-Fi Internet, Room Service...

Vietnam National village for Ethnic culture and Tourism is new cultural destination in Hanoi. Being the building a national cultural center, there has been gathered, presented, preserved and promoted the national cultural heritages of Vietnam 54 ethnic groups. Being here you could experience many different folk lives of Vietnamese. Being designed in opening space, this place can show many culture colors and give you deeply feeling about Vietnamese quintessential flavor...