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Delicous Hanoi
Duration: a day
From: Hanoi' centre
To: Phi Truong Fishpond and ancient house
Price: Contact with us to get good price!

     Hanoi has many ways to explore its culture. Its specialties include one of the most exciting experiences, which is also one of the easiest adventures to have.

     Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam; it has been influenced by the finest parts of Vietnamese culture from around the country. It is a gourmet dining retreat that relaxes and rejuvenates. The food is not comprised of some of the most rare and exotic ingredients found on earth, but combine to form elegant, innovative dishes. Hanoi has been the capital of Vietnam for a thousand years and through exploring the culture, you will find its delicacies truly special. You will have the chance to sincerely experience Vietnamese culture with Hanoi local who is also a traditional cooking professional.