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Angkor Wat - Siem Reap 3 days 2 nights
Duration: 3 days 2 nights
From: Siem Reap
To: Siem Reap
Price: Contact with us to get good price!
Angkor Empire is most renowned for its spectacular temples huge in size built throughout the territory that covered almost what is currently South East Asia. The extreme power of Angkor is marked on top of the list of all other periods in Cambodian history thanks to most successful kings like Preah Bat Jaya Varman II, Preah Bat Indra Varman I, Preah Bat Surya VarmanII, and especially Preah Bat Jaya Varman VII.

Angkor, a state with the most predominant creations on earth, began to develop aggressively in all areas, especially agricultural and architectural field that included intricate irrigation systems, water reservoirs, and countless magical and religious temples that in turn brought about a unique civilization to Khmer people. Unfortunately, No one stays on the top forever, and Angkor is no exceptional case.