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Vietnam Green Tours Company has cooperated, participated in some projects with partners: Development Cooperation Group (CDG), Centre for support of social development programs (CSDP) and other non-governmental organizations make the quality of life become better and more happy to people.

Cooperation Development Group (referred to as: CDG) was formed on the mutual understanding and collaboration demand by four organizations that include: CRD, RDSC, RTCCD and TEW ... This group has organized various activities to enhance the capacity of member organizations in the field of rural development, poverty reduction, there was bilateral and multilateral between members. CDG has gradually proven its credibility for social development activities; contribute to a cause of the overall development of the Vietnamese social organizations. Since its establishment, the Development Group has had 17 member organizations involved many different areas such as health, education, gender, environment, rural development...

Center for support of social development programs (CSDP) is a non-governmental and non-profit under the Union of Science and Technology of Vietnam, was established by 1401/TC-LHH, December 22, 1992. CSDP work hardly for real change and sustainable life in Vietnam. CSDP has 14 official employees who are experts of Sociology, Psychology, Gender, Environment, Communication, Education and Training, Biology, Medicine, and Law. In addition, the CSDP has a network of collaborators who include scientists and leading specialists of many fields.

Vietnam Green Tours has connected with other organizations based on the principle of voluntariness, equality, consensus between members to organize more and more projects that contribute to a cause of society development.

Nguyen Tat Thang, Conservation Specialist and Paul Insua Cao, Communication Officer are luckier than other UNVs as their duty station is in Ba Be which is known as the largest natural freshwater mountain lake in Viet Nam. Here they share with us some photos and what it is like working there.
The project "Building a program of environmental protection Green Vietnam Journey" - abbreviated as project " Green Vietnam Journey" organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and Film No.1 Joint-Stock Company to raise public awareness on environmental issues.
The project "journey of looking for destiny one" is a small program to enrich the tourist product of Vietnam Green Tours company. Enjoying this program that is a mix of nature and culture via teambuilding games, you are going to have a opportunity to meet and realize your destiny one

The purpose of this project is to contribute to sustainable development of traditional villages produce traditional toys for children. The significance of the project is geared to a more humane life, sharing, empathizing with the unfortunate fate in today's society. Especially to help future generations understand the cultural values ​​of traditional noble father.
Project is one of the newest department of Vietnam Green Tours that beside MICE. Working positively as older departments, Project Department has proven its importance on our company.