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1. Name of project & project codes

Conservation and development of traditional star-light handcraft village Bao Dap in Nam Truc District, Nam Dinh province.

Project Code: 02

2. Organizations

Vietnam Green Tours., Co Ltd

3. Execution time

 May, 2st 2011 to March 9th 2011.

4. The purpose of this project includes:

- Conservation and development of production-star-light villages Bao Dap, Nam Truc, Nam Dinh.

- Contribute to a cause of support for people via tourism activities.

- Give significant mid-autumn festival for the poor children and orphans in the province.

Benefits of handcraft villages include:

- Increasing the profit via travel activities. The village people receive direct profit from guests

- Training more about travel skills to peopl e: how to communicate with tourists, how to introduce about handcraft products ...
- Create stable jobs for people.

Responsibilities of handcraft villages include:

- Conservation traditional culture values of the villag

- Assure adequate ingredients to retain travel activities

- Assure in hygiene and food safety foods

- Assure security and order when tourists stay in.

5. Results achieved.

This project has attracted a lot of customers in 2011. However, in the implementation process, we had some difficulties. The program is going to continue to develop for sustainable Vietnam.

Let’s contact with us to cooperate together for global purpose!

Nguyen Tat Thang, Conservation Specialist and Paul Insua Cao, Communication Officer are luckier than other UNVs as their duty station is in Ba Be which is known as the largest natural freshwater mountain lake in Viet Nam. Here they share with us some photos and what it is like working there.
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Vietnam Green Tours Company has cooperated, participated in some projects with partners: Development Cooperation Group (CDG), the Centre supports social development programs (CSDP) and other non-governmental organizations make the quality of life become better and more happy to people.

Project is one of the newest department of Vietnam Green Tours that beside MICE. Working positively as older departments, Project Department has proven its importance on our company.